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Radio Testimonials

Our Happy Patients & Amazing Staff!

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ECP compression beds are medically monitored by our wonderful nurses at Tenpenny HRC.


Interview with Linda, “ECP treatments are given by nurses. I wasn’t feeling well, problems with blood pressure and my kidneys. I now have so much more energy!”

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When a treatment is equal to a "spa day". Learn more about our ECP beds from real testimonials.





Gym Workout

So many treatments can be helped. Even if you’re healthy, you can improve your health. More from Kenny from Virginia: “I’m now on 1/2 the medication I was on before I started!” 



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ECP can help lungs, kidneys brain.


Interview with Kenny, “I had issues with congestive heart failure. I was taking many medications. With ECP, your blood flow creates the new blood flow pathways. I enjoyed the therapy!”

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It’s 2023! Are you making the commitment for your health? It’s not just about cardiac issues, but so many other health conditions can be improved by ECP. 





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New Testimonial from John, from AZ: “I had an irregular heartbeat and low oxygen level. At about 29 treatments, my heart literally changed. My heart was literally revived!” 

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Give the Gift of health – Tenpenny HRC are currently in Ohio and Ventura, CA.


Interview with John:  “I couldn’t walk down the hallway of my small house. I can walk more than an hour now in the hills behind my house. I can now do virtual reality game for an hour! My diabetes is better and my doctor has taken me off all my medications! It’s like a miracle!”

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People have been coming from all over the country: More from John: “It improved my breathing, I had energy, and when I got out of the shower, my feet were pink due to the increased circulation! My digestion is better and heart is so much improved!” 



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Meet Dwayne, who recently completed his 35 pack! He was feeling so energized that he was considering leaving his car behind and walking home. We were so impressed by his progress that we decided to decorate his spot to celebrate his success.

May, 2023

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