Would you benefit from ECP Therapy?

When you hear of ECP therapy, you might think this is a primarily treatment for cardiovascular conditions, however there are so many conditions that ECP treatments can benefit.  Some of those include: ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, depression, COPD, erectile dysfunction and so much more.

ECP therapy is even beneficial to the otherwise healthy person as well. It will increase energy, is anti-aging and improves overall wellbeing.  Studies show long term lasting benefits that your body will thank you for.

Conditions That ECP Therapy Can Treat

Angina &
chest pain

Heart attack

Shortness of Breath (dyspnea)

and Cough


Cardiac Syndrome X

Cerebrovascular Disease

Heart Failure

Kidney (Renal) Failure

Left Ventricular Dysfunction (early stage of heart failure)

Lung Disease (Pulmonary Disease)

Parkinsons Disease

Dementia (Alzheimers Disease)

High Blood Pressure


Heart failure


Conditions that Cannot Undergo
ECP Therapy

Uncontrolled Atrial Fibrillation

Some forms of Heart Valve Disease


Active Hemorrhage