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ECP Therapy
& Long Covid

ECP, a therapy originally aimed at heart disease, is showing promise for treating long COVID symptoms. By improving oxygenated blood flow and enhancing overall cardiovascular function, ECP might help alleviate the chronic fatigue, difficulty breathing, and mental fog that plague long-haul COVID patients. This non-invasive treatment offers a beacon of hope for improving quality of life in those who have not fully recovered from the virus.

What is Long Covid?

Long COVID refers to the continuation of symptoms following the initial recovery from COVID-19, lasting weeks or even up to nine months. Those affected, often called "Long Haulers," experience a range of persistent symptoms like fatigue, breathlessness, chest pain, and cognitive disturbances, commonly termed "brain fog." Studies indicate a significant portion of recovered patients, varying from over half in a U.S. CDC report to three-quarters in a Chinese study, face these ongoing issues.

ECP, a non-invasive therapy designed to enhance blood circulation, traditionally for heart disease patients, has shown potential in alleviating symptoms such as fatigue and breathlessness in post-COVID-19 cases. Tenpenny Health Restoration Center's research suggests improvements in patient functional capacity after ECP therapy.

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