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ECP May Be Just What You Need To Improve Your Golf Game!

Leg pain is a common issue among recreational golfers, and it can significantly impact both golf performance and daily activities. One particularly aggravating form of pain is called claudications.

Claudications are painful spasms, a cramping ache, or rapid fatigability in a buttock muscle, hip, thigh, calf, or foot when walking. The symptoms can be one-sided or bilateral. Claudications are classically triggered by activity, even walking short distances, and relieved by rest. The condition often gets worse with time, and until it can become too painful to walk or do any type of exercise. It is caused by a lack of oxygen to the muscle it is a symptom of peripheral artery disease (PAD).

The most common therapy is interval training (walk-rest-walk) at a moderate-to-maximum pace. Exercise should be at least 30-45 minutes per session, done 3-4 times a week, for at least 12 weeks.

A full course of ECP therapy (35 sessions) may provide a better, possibly more permanent solution. A study from the journal, Angiology, confirmed a four-fold increase in blood flow to the lower legs after the sessions attests to improved circulation. PMID: 17495267

And the results can happen quickly. In another study, the results provided evidence that a single session of ECP improved endothelial (blood vessel) function and increased the blood flow through all of the arteries that feed the leg muscles. (Gurovich, et al.)

ECP has long been used to address chronic chest pain and congestive heart failure. Both can lead to shortness of breath, making walking and swinging your club difficult.

When you can walk better and farther without pain and breathe easier, you will have more fun on the golf course. And maybe your score will improve too! Call today to schedule an appointment.

Tenpenny Health Restoration Center (OH) : 440-766-3327

ECP Studio (CA) : 805-557-8877

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